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Classical Education Support Group
Come and meet with other parents who are working to give their children a first-class, classical education. Discuss successes, and challenges; share ideas for using a variety of resources; learn ways to assist each learner in your home gain the most from their homeschool experience.

Meetings are every 3rd Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m. at Becca's house.
Please contact Becca by email for address or for additional information.

Richard's Read-aloud Book List
A list of favorite books from a father's nightly read-aloud with his children.

20 Years Later:
Things I Would Do Again and Things I Wouldn't

Lit. Cube Topics and Ideas
Pass (or toss) the cube from person to person as you begin discussion of a completed piece of literature. Allow time for thought as well as discussion.

Homeschool Charts
Printable charts to help add order to your homeschool. Go to charts.

Becca's Barebones
Curriculum List

When budgets are tight we must choose carefully what curriculum we spend money on. This is a list of the items Becca feels she wouldn't want to be without.

Becca's Learning Games List
List of favorite learning games.

Homeschool Burnout
Burned out before the school year begins?

LDS Church Resources
Turn to Church resources for some great curriculum help.



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If you are looking for Becca's Critical Thinking/Logic Studies you will find it by following this link: http://blog.thelearningcottage.com/2012/06/critical-thinkinglogic-studies.html